Concert, Gig and Show Posters

I fell into making show flyers kind of by accident, kind of by necessity, kind of by silly circumstance. I love this medium of graphic design, though, so it's stuck with me through all these years. Here's a (somewhat) chronological order of posters and flyers that I've designed.

At this point, I was still using Microsoft Word for most of my graphic design work. It was bad, but I got good enought to actually have somewhat passable show posters. This is the only one I could find on my current drive, may update if I ever go diging through my old computer backups.

Mythological Horses comissioned me like $10 bucks for this one I think? It was my first real project that I did after downloading Gimp, which is what I've used since. I think this was sometime in 2018 after I moved into that attic.

One more local show to get some practice working with gimp. Hell of a learning curve but once I got it I really got it.

I had met this wonderful woman named Punk Rock Mama Lou Lou in Laramie, WY sometime in the summer of 2018, and when I told her that I make show posters, she immediately started to commission me to make some for her. These are the first of such posters, and there will be much more later.

And a Laramie show poster I did for someone that wasn't Mama Lou. Still kind of fucked up to think that I got to play this show.

At this point I was only being comissioned for show posters by Mama Lou, and she had invited me to come live with her. What followed is a full year worth of helping to book shows in Laramie, run sound at those shows, and of course, design the flyers. I tried my best to keep these in chronological order, but don't take my word for it lol.

I think it's really cool getting to look back on these and see the obvious progression in my graphic design ability. The Big Dill show was the last show before covid hit, and everything got shut down, and I had to move out of Lou's place (not for any bad reason, shit just kind of happens), and moved into my van and kind of meandered around the east coast for like three months, and didn't touch my computer until November of 2020, at which point I immediately started working on designs for Velvet Skateboards and kind of put music on the backburner. It wasn't until March of 2022 that I was in a new place with a garage and decided to start a house venue! And thus the first two show flyers I made since 2020 were created!

Since then, a bunch of shit has happened, including moving out of that garage space, but The Polyarmory lives on! I'll be posting new show flyers here as they get made, and depending on when you're browsing through you might even get a chance to see what's coming next ;)

so yeah! That's the journey of my show poster design!

If you would like to commission a flyer design or anything else from me, you're welcome to email me @ and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Hope you enjoyed looking through these, as much as I enjoyed going through memory lane with you.