Music is fucking magic.

Here's some bands I've played in, some bands I like, and some opinions on music and such!

My Music!

Rotten Reputation
Queer Femme Punk Rock with our hands in many different kinds of alternative and agressive styles of music. We put out a ska album for funsies in 2021!

Flower Crown Me A Queen
Folk Punk collaborative project that I've been playing under since 2015. Lots of different style changes over the years.

Shredded Velvet
Psychy Garage Punk. Recycled some of the riffs for Flower Crown Me A Queen, Rotten Reputation, and some upcoming projects.

Other bands I've played with over the years

  • Celestial Wizard (Skull Crushing Friendship Metal)
  • Ludlow (Leftist Folk Punk)
  • The Cux (Shitty Hardcore)
  • Dry Ice (Psych Garage Rock)


These are meant in no way to be an exhuastive list of good fucking music, but this is what I send my friends when they ask for recs. I'll include links where I can!

Punk Rock


Do yourself a fucking favor and get lost in these sites

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