Explorations in the aesthetics of the human body

You can call it porn, you can call it exhibitionism, you can call it art, I call it joy.
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Welcome to PossumBlossom after dark! Here you will find a collection of adult-oriented art that I create, from online zines, straight up smut, and links to both good queer sex resources as well as avenues to purchase either my art or my body. Everything here was created consensually with all parties involved, and is intended to be an expression of self, rather than a product to consume. Please enjoy your time here.

!!!STRICTLY +18!!!


Digital Full Color Form

Reach Out Your Unlovable Hand

What Do You Need?

Outside links


Fucking Trans Women

80-page zine that details the various ways in which one can please a trans woman, including essays, diagrams, tutorials, and really hot art. Check it out, this shit is life-changing at most, at the least it is a very good introduction to the ways in which the lovers of trans women can best treat us.

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